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How to Choose reliable electricians

How do I find a good electrician? – We get asked this all of the time and there really isn’t a one sentence answer. If your needing to employ an electrician in the near (or distant) future, then this blog post maybe worth a read.

Firstly, always ensure that you employ an electrician with the correct qualifications & insurances. There are multiple competent person schemes (CPS) that are government endorsed, that an electrician will need to be a full-scope member of in order to undertake all aspects of electrical work and testing (including certification). If the electrician you are wanting to employ is a member of one of these schemes you can be assured that he has valid insurance, the correct qualifications, and has been inspected annually to ensure they comply with current regulations and work to safe practices. You can search here: to see if your electrician is a member of a Competent Person Scheme.

Secondly, we always advice that you get 2-4 independent quotations. This will give you a general idea of what you will be looking at paying for the work. Try to meet each company/electrician individually. During the quotation, you’ll hopefully be able to get a read of their character & competency.

Lastly, do an online search for their company and have a look through the results. Take particular attention to review sites and their reviews! We also suggest looking at their social media pages and website, as most decent contractors will have been trading for quite a while and should have posts/comments dating back quite some time. I would be very wary of any tradesman that doesn’t have a website or has a limited online fingerprint! We are very proud of all of our work and have posted on social media regularly since our first day of trading!

Hopefully these pointers should steer you in the correct direction. If you need electrical work undertaking in the Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas please get in touch today!