We have FULL-SCOPE NAPIT accreditation that allows us to be fully compliant with regulations (PART P compliance). NAPIT inspect us on a regular basis to ensure we adhere to strict working standards! All of our insurances, qualifications and safety procedures are inspected, and HAVE to be kept in-date at all times, which is constantly monitored by NAPIT. We also have to have our practical work inspected by a fully qualified inspector, who ensures that our work is in full compliance at all times!

As NAPIT members there is a 6 YEAR GUARANTEE on all work completed by us. NAPIT regulates the 6-year guarantee, which offers ultimate peace of mind! Please see the NAPIT website for more.


Trustmark is the only Government endorsed scheme for trades in and around the home. They award registered firms with accreditation after thorough vetting and on-site inspections to ensure the firm is raising industry standards.

This accreditation gives customers reassurance of quality and protection from rogue traders. Trustmark is the only ‘find a tradesperson’ scheme to cover all 3 cornerstones of quality:

* Good Trading Practise
* Good Customer Service
* Technical Competence

Through all of our qualifications, insurances and accreditation’s you can be assured that every safeguard has been put in place to ensure that you (the customer), has your electrical work completed safely, smoothly and competently!

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